Thursday, August 30, 2007

More about me.

I guess I should do a proper introductory post. Feh.

My name is Robyn. I'm 24, married to a wonderful man(Nick) who is three years my elder. I have a large family back home in the Dallas, Texas area. Four sisters, two of whom are married, and another who is engaged. From my two eldest sisters I have nieces and a nephew, Kayla, Ashley,(Jenni's kids) Ren, and Kelton(Bonnie's kids). I also have two lovely parents who are divorced and currently living nearly next door to each other, which I find a little amusing. My mother Lynn, has a blog here. :) I don't think Dad does.

I don't have any children currently but I do have a good number of pets. I have two black cats, Decke, and Owen. Four hamsters, of which, 1 is a Russian Dwarf(Cartman), 1 is a Chinese Dwarf(Hammy), and two are Siberian Dwarves(Taz and Peepi). In addition to them, we (my roommate and I) have two African Dwarf Frogs(Delilah and Sebastian), and a beautiful Halfmoon Betta fish, named PyramidHead, in honor of Ti(Brittany)'s favorite videogame villain.

I like to post alot of pictures, of myself, my pets, and my dolls. Oh! I haven't talked about them yet. I collect and play with Asian-style Ball-Jointed Dolls. I have four currently and continue to save for more. I have an enormous wishlist, which I'll probably never get all of, but I'm okay with that. That's why it's a wishlist, not a to-buy-list.

Currently I have a Dream of Doll Tender Yen, on a Dollmore kid boy body, a CustomHouse Mars for Valentine(2006 version), a Volks MSD Tsubaki, a Volks Yo-SD Tinatsu(mod boy, swapped lower torso parts with a friend, to make a boy), and a CustomHouse Uranus(Uriel head on a Mars body). In order their names are Ro, Elli, Ichigo, Reggie, and Isaac.

My next doll is going to be a fun modification project. His name will be Ashley, and I won't be posting pics of him here until he's done.

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  1. whoo! hooray for us both giving in to pressure and blogging here. xD solidarity in sheepiness!


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I'm Rory or Rorek in most places. I design, sew, and craft, primarily for my Asian Ball-Jointed Dolls. I also dabble in interior design, but I'm a little out of practice.

I post about the things I enjoy, which are sewing, photographing my dolls, designing new outfits, knitting, which I started in September of 2008, thanks to my Mom, and occasionally drawing, or painting.

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